Summer is here

As soon as the sun starts shining again, I want to get outside as soon as possible. The sun and being outside give me a lot of energy! For example, I love running immensely, even after a long, busy day at our hotel I like to run a lap by the water. Or I take a brisk walk through the park. Especially in the evening it is nice to leave all the hectic of the day behind me. Also invariably on my agenda during the summer months: swimming, sunbathing, water sports and taking a boat out on the water. When the days get longer again, it also means eating outside and dining late into the evening. I really enjoy those endless summer evenings hanging out on the terrace with my friends. Good drinks, good conversations and lots of laughter make for great memories. I look forward to seeing those moments on our brand new terrace at Hotel Gorinchem with our guests. When you can clearly see that they are having a wonderful evening, then everything falls into place. That is what I, my family and our great teams, do it for. On to an unforgettable summer!

Carlin van der Valk

4th generation



Hilding Anders

Hilding Anders

Unilever Food Solutions

Stay pure. Stay SPA®

The unique water of SPA® Reine is extracted at a depth of 50 to 100 meters after an underground journey of 2 to 3 years through the demineralized rocks of the Fagnes in Spa. Thanks to this underground journey, SPA® Reine obtains its unique composition: extremely low mineral content, very low sodium content (salt), extremely pure SPA® Reine 33cl is the ideal format for a delicious refreshment.


Enjoy refreshing Fuze Tea

Fuze Tea is an iced tea with a unique combination of natural ingredients. The iced tea brand has been available in the Netherlands since 2018. Each flavor variant is based on natural flavors of tea, fruit juice and herbal extracts. All flavor variants of Fuze Tea are low-calorie, sweetened with a combination of stevia extract and beet sugar and made from sustainably sourced tea.

Coca cola

Surprisingly refreshing: Fruitage

FruitAge by Rodenbach Is a deliciously fresh fruit beer. Poured in a unique aperitif glass and served with ice cubes, a slice of lime and a leaf of mint. Fruitage is a real thirst quencher and low in alcohol (3.9%). It is brewed with 100% natural ingredients and no artificial additives. The perfect cocktail alternative!


On the way to a cleaner world




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